ZeroPay Mobile App

Why We Built ZeroPay

ZeroPay was built to bring the USSD mPayment to the Technology age and we noticed these factors during our research :

  1. Limited number of people use e-mail as compared to telephone
  2. You don’t need a Credit/ Debit Card to use Zeropay because we have a Voucher system to load your account for any kind of payments
  3. Limited number of people have bank accounts due to the latest bank charges
  4. Credit/Debit Card Fraud is now increasingly disturbing and before the banks approve you to use their API they Charge heavy setup cost plus commission per transaction.
  5. Internet usage on mobile phones is on the increase compare to Desktop or Laptop computer.
  6. The power for anybody to accept payment as a merchant or customer is giving to everyone. Everybody is special on ZeroPay.
  7. Heavy Charge back and Credit Card Fraud with dispute resolution sometime leads to some fees on arbitration.
  8. The nightmare of bank

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